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Car Sales

We have teamed up with Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma to help our customers have a convenient buying or selling experience. They are located in the same building with us.

Exotic Motorsports was founded by Eliud Villarreal and Braiden Bond who are two car enthusiasts who had a dream to offer quality used vehicles along with performance and exotic cars while providing superior customer service. Yes we are an auto dealer, however it will not feel like one. Pressure? What is that? Most people despise going to dealerships because they don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with the stereotypes. You won’t EVER experience that here with us. WE NOT ONLY WANT TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR NEXT VEHICLE, BUT ALSO ALL OF THE FUTURE VEHICLES. TO YOU AND EVERYONE YOU TELL ABOUT US.

Our goal is to treat every customer with the utmost honesty and respect whether it is a $500 car or a $500,000 car. We want the whole process to be memorable to where you want to share your experience with everyone you know. TELL A FRIEND!!!